Our Story

The Pleasant Bee is a father and daughter venture that began in 2008.

Al and Sarah first took a beginning beekeeping class at North Carolina State University because they had a general interest in beekeeping.

After winning a beehive as a door prize, their interest in beekeeping became a reality. 

Al and Sarah are members of both the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association and the Wake County Beekeepers Association. In 2009, they became North Carolina Certified Beekeepers. In 2010, Sarah became a Journeymen
Beekeeper and is working towards becoming a North Carolina Master Beekeeper. The Pleasant Bee is also a certified honey producer under the North Carolina Honey Board.

The Pleasant Bee is actively involved in the local beekeeping community as members of the Wake County Beekeepers Association since 200. Sarah has served as the Secretary for the association in past years and as President in 2013 and 2014. 

The Pleasant Bee encourages all new or future beekeepers to visit the Wake County Beekeepers Association monthly meetings and becoming involved with local beekeeping. Visit the WCBA website for more information.

Original painting (above right) of The Pleasant Bee at the Midtown Farmer's Market in North Hills Mall, Raleigh, NC. Painted by Laura Azzi

The Pleasant Bee Honey

By nature, honey is very low in bacteria and other microbes and does not benefit from a pasteurization process. For this reason, The Pleasant Bee does not pasteurize their honey.

At The Pleasant Bee we wish to keep our honey pure and natural by gently straining our honey in order to only remove the impurities out such as dirt and other bee debris while still leaving in the natural goodness. This process produces what is known as raw honey, which allows the natural pollens and nutrients to remain in the honey.

Consuming local raw honey has been attributed to building natural immunity to seasonal allergies. This occurs because the bees collect pollen from the local plants that affect seasonal allergies and bring it back to the hive. That same pollen is then mixed in with the honey when raw filtered. People who eat honey on a daily basis have attributed local raw honey to reducing their usual seasonal allergic symptoms.

View our featured article written about The Pleasant Bee. The article was published by our local newspaper the News & Observer.

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